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On JAN. 8TH,2019, the distributor from Malaysia visited our factory in Hangzhou, China. During the visit, we had a deep discussion with our partner regarding the product series, configurations and technical details, etc. The customers visited the lines, drove and tested the equipment and gave his approval to EQUIPMAX product quality and performance and the well-organized production and management.




Through the meeting with our distributor, we learned that the capital construction, new factory investment and the warehousing logistic are increasing very fast in recent years with the large demand of the professional material handling equipments follow by in southern Malaysia. We listened carefully to the market analysis of M.H.E. products, service & parts and the planning for the further cooperation in the future in southern Malaysia market.


It was fruitful and significative result and of this meeting, we are looking forward to have a better marketing and service supports to Malaysia customers based on the professionality of technology and service networks of our distributor there.



2019-01-14 12:05
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