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Bale Clamp

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  • Equipmax bale clamps increase productivity in your bale handling operations. Our clamps are manufactured to efficiently handle cotton, wool, synthetic textiles, scrap steel and almost any other baled product without the need for pallets. 

    Main Features:

    • Hydraulic systems: The main control valve in the load to maintain valve adopts imported products, seals are imported products; high-pressure hose with cone seal, high-performance hose.

    • Structural parts: The left and right plates with Q460 high-performance steel plates, shaped by the overall pressure and correction.

    • Mechanical performance: Built-in lateral feature, you can also achieve clamping / opening and lateral function and good vision, additional oil line can meet the requirements of the two groups.

    • Application: Equipmax bale clamp can be effective and economic handling almost any form of software packages, such as cotton, wool, textiles, corrugated sheets, white paper, rags, hay, and other industrial debris.


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