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Carton Clamp

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  • Equipmax carton clamps are recommended for pallet-less handling of fragile items or multiple case unit loads. The rubber-faced articulated contact pads distribute clamping force evenly to insure positive grip and to prevent damage. 

    Main Features:

    • Hydraulic systems: The key hydraulic components are imported from abroad, hydraulic products, seals are imported products, high pressure hose hose using high-performance imports, fourth gear pressure regulator can be used for different goods, set, different appropriate clamping force.

    • Mechanical properties: The built-in lateral feature, you can also achieve clamping / opening and lateral function and good vision, additional oil line can meet the requirements of the two groups.

    • Structural parts: The left and right high-performance aluminum alloy splint to reduce weight, interconnect from high-strength sheet thermoforming, anti-distortion performance is good.

    • Application: Applies to storage, beverage, household appliances and electronic products industry cartons without pallet handling and efficient, saving the cost of acquisition and maintenance of the tray, but also saves storage space.


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