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Tobacco Carton Clamp

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  • Equipmax carton clamps are recommended for pallet-less handling of fragile items or multiple case unit loads. The rubber-faced articulated contact pads distribute clamping force evenly to insure positive grip and to prevent damage. 

    Main Features:

    • Hydraulic systems: The main control valve in the load to maintain valve adopts imported products; seals are imported products, high-pressure hose with cone seal, high-performance import .

    • Structural components: The plywood are used around high-performance steel plates, and by the overall profiling and calibration, good bending properties.

    • Mechanical performance: You can also achieve clamping, open and drift functions, and better vision; additional groups can meet the requirements of asphalt.

    • Applications: Tobacco Box folder is tailored for the tobacco industry, efficient, non-moving forklift pallet is a tobacco, especially for Roasting Plant, cigarette factory and other occasions of twin cured tobacco Container Handling. Can clamp 1,2,4,6 a tobacco box, thereby effectively improving the storage space utilization and avoid the carton damage, reduce the logistics cost, significantly increase productivity. 


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