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Fork Clamp

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  • Equipmax fork clamps are an excellent solution for lift trucks expected to handle a variety of loads. Fork clamps enables drivers to clamp or cradle difficult loads. Precise fork positioning enhances overall handling efficiency. 

    Main Features:

    Hydraulic systems: The main control valve in the load to maintain valve adopts imported products, seals are imported products; high-pressure hose with cone seal, high-performance import hose.

    Structural parts: The clip arm with steel forging parts, rail assembly welding high performance steel plates made of good bending performance.

    Mechanical performance: With built-in lateral feature, you can also achieve clamp / open and the lateral function and good vision; additional oil line can meet the requirements of the two groups.

    Application: Used for gripping the goods can also be used for forklift pallets of goods.


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