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Drum Clamp

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  • Equipmax drum clamps are recommended for all drum-handling applications. Our clamps allow drivers to grip drums quickly and easily without leaving the seat, which shortens cycle times, improves safety and decreases unwanted product damage. 

    Main Features: 

    Hydraulic system: The rotation of hydraulic oil on the road with two-way lock, in order to achieve two-way hydraulic self-locking, ensuring safety at work; motors, valves and seals imported products are used, rotation, oil hinges with self-locking function, high-pressure plastic high performance sealed tube hose with cone.

    Structural parts: The left and right plates using high-performance steel plates welded together; folder inside arm covered with replaceable non-slip rubber strip to prevent the oil drum damage.

    Mechanical performance: With rotary function, can simultaneously achieve clamp / open and sway to make it easy placing of drums, and better vision, additional oil line can meet the requirements of the two groups


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