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Hinged Forks Carriage

EQUIPMAX hinged carriage can equip different mechanical attachment to meet different working requirements. For example, it can handle lumber or palletized loads through equip the forks. It can equip bucket to allows the forklift handle bulk materials, such as sand, coal, gravel, grain, fertilizer, sod and the blocks, etc.
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    Product Description

    EQUIPMAX hinged carriage can equip different mechanical attachment to meet different working requirements. For example, it can handle lumber or palletized loads through equip the forks. It can equip bucket to allows the forklift handle bulk materials, such as sand, coal, gravel, grain, fertilizer, sod and the blocks, etc.


    The hinged forks are able to increase the forklift forks' tilting angle, the tilting forward 45 degree and backward 25 degree make the forklift can easily dumping cargo. Using Hinged forks and other containers attachments in combination will be the ideal material handling solution for different industry, such as wood industry, architecture and construction, metal industry, livestock industry and so on.

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