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1.0-2.5T Wide Leg Electric Stacker

The EQUIPMAX ES10-25 series electric stacker is the ideal choice for the warehouse stacking operations with capacities from 1,000kg to 2,500kg. It is with compacted chassis, strong power, high lifting capacity with high working efficient and very useful in the material handling and logistic transportation.
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  • Introduction
    The EQUIPMAX ES10-25 series electric stacker is the ideal choice for the warehouse stacking operations with capacities from 1,000kg to 2,500kg. It is with compacted chassis, strong power, high lifting capacity with high working efficient and very useful in the material handling and logistic transportation. 


    Main Features

    Ergonomic Design
    - Equipmax adopts large injection molding covering parts, luxurious and elegant, extremely full of humanization. 
    - Low position center of gravity provides an excellent performance of forklift and free field of vision for the operator. 

    Safety & Reliability
    - Equipmax adopts high strength chassis with welded and formed steel plate design, protects it from impact damage and extends stacker’s lift span. 
    - The lowering-control valve will maintain the speed when the forks are being lowered, it prevents forks from dropping down in case of sudden damage of hydraulic failure.  
    - The emergency disconnector will cut off power source to avoid accident when the stacker goes out of control in special situation.  
    - An anti-rolling back brake installed on the stacker to keep the truck from skidding down when stacker is out of control or travelling on ramp.

    Environmental Protection 
    - The Equipmax is using high quality and environmental protection standard of USA CURTIS or Italy ZAPI controller with AC system provides the infinite variable drive and lift control. The brushless AC motors highly improved efficiency and reduce maintenance cost. 
    - New dynamic load-sensing hydraulic steering system improves work efficiency and energy conservation, with power consumption reduced by >8%. 
    - The stacker adopts more environmentally-aware design, it is totally non-asbestos and most of the components are recyclable.

    Easy Maintenance 
    - The newly developed multi-functional display has comprehensive functions and stable performance which entirely displays the stacker’s status and fault code information, it let the operator more intuitively and conveniently have a better knowledge of stacker condition. 
    - The easy-to-move design of back cover provides an easy and quick access to all key components for the inspection, maintenance and replacement.
    - The intelligent controller system allows an easy trouble-shooting which can analyze and identify problems quickly and accurately. 
    - Maintenance free AC motor which makes the electric stacker higher efficiency and better performance and especially highly reduce the extra service cost.
    - All components are complying with international standard of design and manufacturing which ensure a high universality and replaceability and easy to get replacement in local market.


    ( EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at to get the newest information. )

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