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2.0-2.5T Diesel Forklift

EQUIPMAX 2.0-2.5T diesel forklift adopts the newest technologies and ergonomic concepts in 
designing and manufacturing. The forklift with low cost of ownership, superior visibility, unmatched technique, safety and ergonomics designing for operator. It can be widely used in warehouse, factory, port and construction plant, etc.
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  • Introduction
    EQUIPMAX 2.0-2.5T diesel forklift adopts the newest technologies and ergonomic concepts in designing and manufacturing. The forklift with low cost of ownership, superior visibility, unmatched technique, safety and ergonomics designing for operator. It can be widely used in warehouse, factory, port and construction plant, etc.


    Engine and transmission system
    High performance engine like Isuzu, Mitsubishi, Yanmar, Xinchai for diesel forklift with EUIIIB/EUIV/EPA standards, which is high work efficiency, lower fuel consumption and low emission levels.
    The forklift with Japanese level TCM technology transmission which ensure the high efficiency power transfer and performance.


    Electrical system
    Light indication / LCD display provides extensive information on truck operation and maintenance, it is with waterproof and shock proof protection. The advanced wiring harness, waterproof connectors and multiunit fuse module ensure the security and reliability of the circuit.
    Optional LED lights can provide a better lighting environment and reduces the power consumption.


    Hydraulic system
    EQUIPMAX forklift equipped with Japanese Shimadzu multi valves and gear pump and Japanese NOK sealing elements. The high quality hydraulic components and rational distribution of the pipes helps to control the oil pressure and highly improved the forklift performance.


    Exhaust and cooling system
    EQUIPMAX adopts the large capacity radiator and optimized heat dissipation channel. The combination of engine coolant and transmission fluid radiator is designed for maximum air flow passing through the counterweight.
    The exhaust comes from the end face of muffler, using external type sparkle arrester, the exhaust resistance is greatly reduced, the function of smoke and fire extinguisher is more reliable. Particle soot filter and catalytic converter devices is optional device to improve the exhausting performance.


    Steering and brake system
    Steering axle adopts shock-mitigating device, it is install a up and down type steering rod with simple structure and better intensity and its both ends adopt joint bearing which enhanced the installation hole .
    Japanese TCM technology type of brake system which is sensitive and light full hydraulic with a better performance braking.

    Technical Specification

    1 Brand   EQUIPMAX
    2 Model   FD20 FD25T FD20T FD25T FD20T  FD25T FD20T  FD25T 
    3 Power Type    Diesel
    4 Rated Load Capacity Q(kg) 2000 2500 2000 2500 2000 2500 2000 2500
    5 Load Centre C(mm) 500
    6 Rated Lift Height H3(mm) 3000
    7 Free Lift Height H2(mm) 100
    8 Fork Size (L×W×T) mm 1070×120×40
    9 Mast Tilt Angle (F/R, α°/β°) deg 6°/12°
    10 Fork Overhang (Wheel Center to Fork Face) X1(mm) 479
    11 Rear Overhang X2(mm) 520
    12 Ground Clearance (Bottom of Mast) H7(mm) 130
    13 Length to Face of Fork (Without Fork) L1(mm) 2660
    14 Overall Width B1(mm) 1150
    15 Mast Lowered Height H1(mm) 2055
    16 Mast Extended Height (With Backrest) H4(mm) 4070
    17 Overhead Guard Height H5(mm) 2215
    18 Turning Radius (Outside) Wa(mm) 2365
    19 Min.Aisle width for pallets  Ast(mm) 4120
    20 Travel Speed (No Load) km/h 19
    21 Lifting Speed (Full Load) mm/sec 490
    22 Lowering Speed  (Full Load) mm/sec 450
    23 Max.Drawbar Pull (Full Load/No Load) KN 17(13.5)
    24 Max.Gradeability (Full Load) % 20
    25 Tyre (Front x 2) mm 7.00-12-12PR
    26 Tyre (Rear x 2) mm 6.00-9-10PR
    27 Front Tread B2(mm) 970
    28 Rear Tread B3(mm) 980
    29 Wheelbase Y(mm) 1650
    30 Total Weight kg 3385 3605 3385 3605 3385 3605 3385 3605
    31 Front Axle Weight Distribution (Full Load) kg 4846 5494 4846 5494 4846 5494 4846 5494
    32 Rear Axle Weight Distribution (Full Load) kg 538 610 538 610 538 610 538 610
    33 Front Axle Weight Distribution (No Load) kg 1354 1442 1354 1442 1354 1442 1354 1442
    34 Rear Axle Weight Distribution (No Load) kg 2031 2163 2031 2163 2031 2163 2031 2163
    35 Battery V/Ah 12/90
    36 Engine Model   A498BT1-35 C490BPG -37 (EU) C240NKFC-01 (EU) 4TNE98 (EU & EPA)
    37 Engine Manufacturer   XINCHAI  XINCHAI  ISUZU YANMAR
    38 Rated Output / r.p.m. kw 36.5/2400 36.8/2650 34.5/2500 42.1/2300
    39 Rated Torque / r.p.m. N·m 193/1600-1800 156/1800 139/1800 187-207/1700
    40 No.of Cylinder   4
    41 Bore x Stroke mm 98X105 90×105 86×102 98×110
    42 Displacement cc 3168 2670 2369 3318
    43 Fuel Tank Capacity L 50
    44 Transmission Type   Powershift  ( Manual)
    45 Transmission Stage (FWD/RVS)   1/1(2/2)
    46 Operating Pressure (For Attachments)  Mpa 17.5

    * EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at to get the newest information. 

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