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0.5-2.0T Manual Stacker with Ajustable Forks

EQUIPMAX Hydraulic Manual Pallet Stacker will help you utilize storage space while increasing handling efficiency. Manual hydraulic stackers can easily turn in the aisle, pick up a load and place it on the shelf of a rack system, it is the right economical solution for lifting and moving pallets and cargoes.
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    Product Description

    EQUIPMAX Hydraulic Manual Pallet Stacker will help you utilize storage space while increasing handling efficiency. It has a hand crank that lifts the forks to selected height up to 3000mm and lifting capacity from 500kg to 2000kg, it is a small lift truck but is small enough to operate efficiently in aisles. Manual hydraulic stackers can easily turn in the aisle, pick up a load and place it on the shelf of a rack system, it is the right economical solution for lifting and moving pallets and cargoes.


    The main features of EQUIPMAX manual stacker as below:
    -    The manual stacker are using high quality C-shaped steel with excellent structure design, and the wheel frame protection devices to ensure the stable and safe in the lifting works.
    -    Ergonomic design with smart and portable structure ensure a small turning radius and comfortable in operation.
    -    The simplex mast manual stacker can unload the cargoes by both manual and pedal which is more flexible in operation.
    -    The wheel frame equipped with grease fitting for the routine maintenance of bearing.
    -    Various forks types for selection to meet your working condition, include fixed forks and adjusting forks for both European and American standard pallets and various load sizes.


    ( EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at to get the newest information. )

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