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1.0T Electric Order Picker

EQUIPMAX EOP10 series electric order picker with maximum 1000kg loading capacity can reach to 3200-3600mm height. It helps you increase productivity in your warehouse while reducing the risk of injuries. With its heavy duty, stable mast and a large working platform, the EOP10 order picker will give your employees the safety they need to work efficiently.
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  • Introduction
    EQUIPMAX EOP10 series electric order picker with maximum 1000kg loading capacity can reach to 3200-3600mm height. It helps you increase productivity in your warehouse while reducing the risk of injuries. With its heavy duty, stable mast and a large working platform, the EOP10 order picker will give your employees the safety they need to work efficiently.

    High Performance
    - The innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control and excellent performance. 
    - High strength vertical gearbox ensures high working efficiency and working life. 
    - Low noise but durable hydraulic unit, good quality cylinder and hose ensure the high reliability of hydraulic system.
    - AMP connecter electric wires and cables greatly reducing electric parts failure rate.
    - High quality mast channel improves the strength of the whole truck and provides a stable lifting performance.
    - Full steel covered truck body ensure reliability and safety.

    Safety Design
    - Safe hydraulic system design prevents mast from failing down abruptly when hydraulic pipeline cuts off. 
    - Safety foot switch avoids operator from mis-operation turn.
    - Automatic braking and reverse current braking when foot switch is off or travel switch is neutral.
    - Emergency disconnector will cut off power source to avoid accident when truck goes out of control.
    - Anti-rolling back brake keeps the truck from skidding down when truck is out of control or travelling on ramp.
    - With highly sensitive control system, the truck can accelerate and deaccelerate smoothly without abrupt notice, dual-monitoring power steering, automatically slow down speed when it turn. 

    Ergonomic Design
    - With the new design of ergonomical left and right control pot, steering wheel and all buttons can be reached conveniently and comfortably. 
    - With backrest cushion, spacious operation room and vibration absorber pedal, the operator feels more comfortable.
    - Wide cabin space and completely open view, help operator drive easier and longer.
    - 20m thickness floor mat and well positioned foot switch help operator stands comfortably for long working hours. 
    - Side-open battery compartment design for easy replacement and maintenance.
    - Electric power steering system ensure more smooth and comfortable in steering (EPS).

    Ergonomic Design
    - The truck with AC traction motor which is maintenance free type.
    - Smart LCD screen reflects operation status and battery charging indication.
    - Easily remove the back cover by only loosing two bolts, access to all key components for inspection, maintenance and replacement.
    - Vertical motor makes the inspection and service much more convenient. 
    - The smart control system allows easy trouble-shooting.
    - Low voltage lift cut off design protects the battery.

    EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at to get the newest information.

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