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Paper Roll Clamp

Equipmax paper roll clamp increase productivity and protect the cargoes in your roll handling operation, our 360 degree rotating pivot arm design effectively handles rolls in either vertical or horizontal positions. It is widely used in paper, carton, packing, printing, ports and other industries of various types of paper roll handling without pallet.
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  • Product Description

    Equipmax paper roll clamp increase productivity and protect the cargoes in your roll handling operation, our 360 degree rotating pivot arm design effectively handles rolls in either vertical or horizontal positions. It is widely used in paper, carton, packing, printing, ports and other industries of various types of paper roll handling without pallet.


    Main Features

    - High strength structural design and integrated caste of the clamping structure apply to high intensity continuous operation.
    - The separated design of clamping arm provides an excellent front view to ensure the accurate paper roll operation.
    - The integrated structure design of the cylinder and fork carriage provide an excellent driver visibility and easy for maintenance.
    - There is two-way locking device in the hydraulic system to ensure the continuous 360 degree rotating in two ways and can lock the system in any degree position.




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