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Semi Electric Aerial Order Picker

EQUIPMAX semi electric aerial order picker with electric lifting and manual pushing type operation. It is a portable lifting platform with complete protection of the barriers, allowing operators to stand on the lifting and descending platform safely. The platform is large enough for a single worker and small package of cargo.
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  • Introduction
    EQUIPMAX semi electric aerial order picker with electric lifting and manual pushing type operation. It is a portable lifting platform with complete protection of the barriers, allowing operators to stand on the lifting and descending platform safely. The platform is large enough for a single worker and small package of cargo.


    Main Features
    - Emergency Stopping Button
    When the electric order picker runs into an emergency, operator can cut off the power system and stop the order picker.
    - Charging Indicator
    Operator will know the status of battery capacity by the indicator color. This enhances the equipment working efficiency.
    - Dual Brake and Dual Brake Disc
    One brake is used as a stopping brake and the other is service break which improves the driving safety.
    - Over Weight Limit
    The order picker has certain weight limit system so that it can effectively avoid accident caused by overweight.
    - Emergency Descending button
    When there is an emergency, the operator simply needs to press the corresponding button in order to low the order picker.


    Technical Specification

    1 Model   EOP02-T2-2.7 EOP02-T2-3.3 EOP02-T2-4.0 EOP02-T2-4.5
    2 Max. Platform Height mm 2700 3300 4000 4500
    3 Max. Extend Height mm 4020 4900 5400 6100
    4 Min. Ground Clearance mm 35 35 35 35
    5 Rated Load Capacity mm 200 200 200 200
    6 Platform Size mm 620x600 630x620 630x620 630x620
    7 Battery V/AH 12/120 12/120 12/120 12/120
    8 Charger V/A 12/15 12/15 12/15 12/15
    9 Overall Length mm 1300 1300 1300 1300
    10 Overall Width mm 760 840 840 840
    11 Overall Height mm 1760 2040 1810 1980
    12 Weight kg 290 350 410 450


    * EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at info@equipmax-industries.com to get the newest information. 


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