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Self-propelled Vertical Mast Lifts

Equipmax’s Self-propelled Vertical Mast Lifts provide a quiet and versatile lifting solution with zero emissions. With a new mast design, powerful electric drive system, drivable mast at full height, and less hydraulic connection points, the Equipmax vertical mast lifts highly increased the working efficiency, it’s an ideal choice for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.
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  • Product Description

    Equipmax' s Self-propelled Vertical Mast Lifts provide a quiet and versatile lifting solution with zero emissions. With a new mast design, powerful electric drive system, drivable mast at full height, and less hydraulic connection points, the Equipmax vertical mast lifts highly increased the working efficiency. Exceptional maneuverability and Equipmax’s unique traversing platform make this mast lifts an ideal choice for a wide range of indoor and outdoor construction, maintenance, and industrial applications.



    Main Features

    - Powerful electric drive system provides exceptional duty cycles. The fully proportional drive and lift controls, superior drive efficiency, improved controllability, and consistent torque.
    - 90° front wheel steering provides zero turning radius and excellent performance and around job site maneuverability
    - Low gross vehicle weight and wide non-marking tires provide low ground pressures and help protect finished flooring.
    - Electrical brake release system, lift/tie down points, makes loading and transportation safe and easy.
    - Compact size and low weight allow passage through a standard doorway and carriage in a passenger elevator.
    - Simple, maintenance-free, fixed pothole protection system has no moving parts but allows drive over typical site debris due to improved ground clearance
    - Forklift fork pockets located at the rear with the tie down and lift points at rear of machine.
    - Top of the mast is in-line with the platform rails, which is beneficial for overhead working, especially drop ceilings.
    - All components are located inside the base, the maintenance hatch provides easy, unrestricted access to all major components and batteries. Commonality of components and approach across the mast range which increases familiarity making it easy to service and maintain.


    Technical Specification

    2 Model   AMWP3.6-6100 AMWP4.8-6100
    3 Rated Capacity kg 227 227
    4 Capacity at Extended Platform kg 114 114
    5 Max Working Height mm 5600 6800
    6 Max Platform Height mm 3600 4800
    7 Overall Length mm 1360 1360
    8 Overall Width mm 760 760
    9 Overall Height mm 1700 1980
    10 Platform Size mm 1300x700x1100 1300x700x1100
    11 Extended Platform Size mm 510 510
    12 Min Ground Clearance (Lowered) mm 100 100
    13 Min Ground Clearance (Lifting) mm 23 23
    14 Wheel Base mm 1040 1040
    15 Min Turning Radius (Inside) mm 0 0
    16 Min Turning Radius (Outside) mm 1400 1400
    17 Lift Motor kw 1.3 1.3
    18 Drive Motor kw 0.5 0.5
    19 Driving Speed (Lowered) km/h 4 4
    20 Driving Speed (Lifting) km/h 1.1 1.1
    21 Lifting Speed sec 31 41.5
    22 Lowering Speed sec 32 42
    23 Battery V/AH 2×12V/100AH 2×12V/100AH
    24 Charger V/A 24V/15A 24V/15A
    25 Max Gradeability % 25% 25%
    26 Max Working Angle ° 1.5 1.5
    27 Wheel mm Φ305*100 Φ305*100
    28 Net Weight kg 810 980


    ( EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at info@equipmax-industries.com to get the newest information. )


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