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450KG Drum Clamp Stacker

Equipmax ES045-DC series Semi Electric Stacker with Drum Clamp with anchor ear and 
eagle-grip types which is suitable for any round drums with φ590mm diameter, the drum clamp
can be 180 degrees tilting and rotating. The drum clamp stacker can transport, lift and tilt 55 gallon steel and stainless drums, which can highly increase the working efficiency and reduce the labor cost.
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  • EQUIPMAX ES045-DC series semi electric stacker with drum clamp with the rated load capacity of 450kg, the main features as below:

    * High quality hydraulic power unit and maintenance free battery.
    * The anchor ear type clamp is suitable for steel drums and plastic drums, the eagle grip structure clamp is for steel drums.
    * The ES045-DC is widely used to transport, stack, pour for liquid, such as chemical, food workshop, dyes, coatings, adhesives, oil, cooking oil and so on.
    * The combined Eagle-grip and anchor ear structure drum clamp can be electric lifting and 180 degree rotating.
    * Optional devices: Electronic scale system with 3‰ accuracy.

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