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350KG Semi Electric Drum Stacker

EQUIPMAX SES-D series semi electric drum stacker is an innovative development for the 
light duty drum handling, it is with compact size and high-quality components which provide 
a professional drum handling capability with the minimum cost. It can be widely used in 
chemical plant, food and drink factory for the drum loading and unloading.
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  • Introduction
    EQUIPMAX SES-D series semi electric drum stacker is an innovative development for the light duty drum handling, it is with compact size and high-quality components which provide a professional drum handling capability with the minimum cost. It can be widely used in chemical plant, food and drink factory for the drum loading and unloading.


    Main Features
        Easy moving structure design with compact size, light weight, easy operation but with professional drum loading capability provides high use value to the customers.
        Equipmax use robots welding to ensure the excellent quality and high craft level, which makes sure the stronger and stability of fork carrier chassis and long working life. 
        High quality of oil cylinder ensures a high efficiency in the lifting and lowering operation, it can well afford the long-time heavy-duty full load working condition. 
        The drum carrier designed with brake function to ensure a convenient and safe operation.
        The eagle-grip type of clamp ensures the stability and excellent performance, the drum can be tilted 180 degree.
        The compact design of each components ensures a convenient access to lubrication points for a quick and easy maintenance.

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