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3.0-3.5T Electric Pallet Truck

EQUIPMAX EPT30-35 RT series electric pallet truck is an ideal solution for super-touch working condition, the maximum load capacity reaches 3.5T and maximum driving speed up to 12.0km. It ensures an excellent performance with high efficiency in various kind of warehouses and manufacturing facilities.
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  • Introduction


    EQUIPMAX EPT30-35 RT series electric pallet truck is an ideal solution for super-touch working condition, the maximum load capacity reaches 3.5T and maximum driving speed up to 12.0km. It ensures an excellent performance with high efficiency in various kind of warehouses and manufacturing facilities. 


    Main Features

        Innovative AC system offers strong power, accurate control and excellent performance. 
        Hydraulic system with low noise and durable hydraulic unit and good quality cylinder ensures the high reliability of hydraulic system. 
        Adjustable long push rod ensures the stability and lifespan of the pallet truck. 
        Ergonomic high-speed bar with lift, lower, horn and high-speed controls to drive in both directions.


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