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2.0-3.0T Electric Pallet Truck

EQUIPMAX EPT20-30 series electric pallet truck is professional solution for material handling in warehouse, it adopts the latest technology and renowned components to ensure the excellent performance. It is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment. It can be widely used in factory, warehouse, medical, super market for material handling.
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  • Introduction
    EQUIPMAX EPT20-30 series electric pallet truck is professional solution for material handling in warehouse, it adopts the latest technology and renowned components to ensure the excellent performance. It is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment. It can be widely used in factory, warehouse, medical, super market for material handling.

    Main Feature
    - Ergonomic design and compact structure increase the comfort during the operator’s operation, the dustproof and sealing structure prevent it from dust pollution damages and improve the service life. 
    - The stand platform help us the operator to drive and operate the pallet truck more convenient and optional EPS system is utilized for easier operation and less steering effort can highly increase the working efficiency.
    - The maintenance free battery contributes to strong power and easier operation, it is suitable for most of the light and medium duty applications.
    - Anti-reverse safety button mounted at the top of the handle reverses the truck direction to prevent the operator from being caught between the truck and obstacle on the unexpected occasions.
    - Intelligent controller takes protection measures in case of over voltage, low voltage, over current, over temperature and short circuit occasions.
    - Specially innovated speed deceleration system automatically reduces the travel speed when turning and greatly improve the loading stability, avoid the loading tipping over and ensures the safety of operation.
    - Easy access emergency plug mounted on upright side of truck frame helps operator to take immediate action if any emergency occurs.
    - Self-diagnostics provided direct fault code readout during operation and start up, which is easy for maintenance and service.


    ( EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at to get the newest information. )

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