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1.5T Electric Pallet Truck

EQUIPMAX EPT15 is the professional solution for light duty pallet handling, it is adopts the latest technology and renowned components to ensure the excellent performance. It is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment. It can be widely used in factory, warehouse, medical, super market for material handling.
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  • Introduction
    EQUIPMAX EPT15 is the professional solution for light duty pallet handling, it is adopts the latest technology and renowned components to ensure the excellent performance. It is your best choice when it comes to price efficient material handling equipment. It can be widely used in factory, warehouse, medical, super market for material handling.
    In a retail environment, pallet trucks need to be small and easy to handle, not to disturb the customer flow. When it comes to tail lift application, the EPT15 plays in his own league. With less self weight the truck is optimized for the usage on a lorry.


    Main Features
    - The pallet truck with light weight and compact size which create excellent maneuverability and pass ability, it can handle most of the applications. 
    - Specially designed anti-vibration technology ensures the high working efficiency of the pallet trucks and extends maintenance free battery life.
    - Ergonomic designed tiller head helps increasing the working efficiency.
    - Handy emergency disconnected button and the durable driving unit ensure the safety under any special situation. 
    - The structure design of EPT15 pallet truck is very easy for diagnosis and replace.


    ( EQUIPMAX retains the right to adjust the specification and configurations to improve the performance without notice, please contact us at to get the newest information. )


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