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1.5-2.0T Semi Electric Pallet Truck

The EQUIPMAX EPT15L-MH(P) series electric pallet truck is a new choice between the hand 
pallet truck and the classic electric pallet truck. The EPT15L-MH(P) with compacted chassis 
which improved based on hand pallet truck but install with a removable battery and durable driving motor, the truck can be operated with both electric and manual which make it more flexible and useful in the logistic.
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  • Introduction

    The EQUIPMAX EPT15L-MH(P) series electric pallet truck is a new choice between the hand pallet truck and the classic electric pallet truck. The EPT15L-MH(P) with compacted chassis which improved based on hand pallet truck but install with a removable battery and durable driving motor, the truck can be operated with both electric and manual which make it more flexible and useful in the logistic transportation.


    Main Features

        The multi-functional smart control handle include accelerator, reversing safety button, lowering release lever and power indicator, it is also has the function of switching the mode to drive when the handle in a upright status.
        Portable Li-ion battery with full discharge capability and the ergonomic design, compacted size and light weight to make it takes only 20 seconds to replace battery.
        The pallet truck with an integral design of key switch as well as the emergency power-off button which can protect the electrical system, save electric power and ensure the safety when not working.
        Each pallet truck can equipped with a quick charging system (optional) which it takes only 2 hours for charging, it will highly increase the working efficiency for the warehouse with hard works and long working hours.


        The EPT15L-MH(P) equipped with high performance PG controller and drive motor, the polyurethane wheel with high quality and durable in use. The scientific and reasonable layout ensure an excellent performance and convenience in maintenance.
        The integrative casting hydraulic pump ensure a smooth speed in lifting and lowering, it can well afford the long time heavy duty full load working condition, it can also protect the hydraulic cylinder system when overload within 20%.
        The pallet truck with manual brake release system, it can switch the working status to manual mode in order to use it like a hand pallet truck, it is very useful and helpful when the battery is exhausted when there is no spare battery or can not wait for charging.
        High quality steel with reinforced design of the chassis ensure the durability and quality. The pallet truck can equipped with single front wheel to ensure a quick and easier access to the closed type pallet.



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