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Side Shifter

Equipmax side shifter is recommended for nearly all high capacity forklift truck operations. Side shifter allow drivers to laterally position the attachment arms or an entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement. It is highly increase the working efficiency and operation flexibility for the material handling and stacking working condition.
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  • Product Description
    Equipmax side shifter is recommended for nearly all high capacity forklift truck operations. Side shifter allow drivers to laterally position the attachment arms or an entire load for faster and more accurate lifting and placement. It is highly increase the working efficiency and operation flexibility for the material handling and stacking working condition.


    Main Features
        The integrated structure design of the cylinder and fork carriage provide an excellent driver visibility and easy for maintenance.
        The dicephalous piston rod cylinder provide a smooth shifting and excellent performance in material handling.
        Adopt high pressure cylinder which can work under 250Bar hydraulic system pressure, there is no need to install the reducing valve.



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